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A Bit of Yarn, a Dash of Music & a Splash of Dance

The weather is finally shifting to warmer temps, and I welcome the comforting change! The Spring and Summer months always bring a sense of newness and freshness to my life, and this year so far has proven to be a much-needed “turn-around” of sorts.

My love of dance and my job with it has helped me physically, financially and emotionally so much over the past months I couldn’t even begin to list the ways! From competing with my old dance partner again, to helping my students grow and achieve their goals, to gaining special friendships with some special people — who could ask for a better job?

And then there’s the crafts!! Last week I found the perfect sized wooden table at a yard sale for $5!! This was the last element needed to complete my recently reclaimed crafting space! Now I can once again occupy my little “creative space” while posting on this new blog of mine, writing book reviews, and crocheting and crafting up items for my new shop on Etsy! Who would’ve thought some things as simple as a crochet hook, a scrap of yarn, some pieces of fabric, a book or a table could make a girl so happy?!

But that’s not all that has boosted this girl’s spirits as of late! It’s running on the rail trail in prep for some upcoming 5K’s, it’s going for walks w/ my kids and best friend, it’s enjoying the warm weather while watching my little ones play in a yard surrounded by farm fields while the clothes dry on the line, and it’s looking forward to a summer filled with adventure and enjoyment of the simple things.

So WELCOME to my “creative space”. I look forward to spending time here with you!!

~ V.