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The Simplest Things Can Create the Greatest Things!

When some people look at a ball of yarn, they might just see the color of it, or how it is wound or gathered.  I see it’s potential and the possibilities of items that can be made from it.

My last post was entitled “A Bit of Yarn, a Dash of Music and a Splash of Dance”. Ironically enough I was about to entitle this post in rather the same way. I also find it “funny” that the previous post was written in the month of May, 3 years ago.  May must be my time to get my schedule finally organized and my crafting (and other areas of my life) into a fresh wave of productivity and enjoyment!!

There are quite a few things different now since the last time I had penned (or in this case, typed) a blog post.  (Wow! Has it really been 3 years?!)  My schedule is just as crazy with teaching my dance students, working a new job as manager of a local business, as well as caring for my wonderful children in between.  My crafts have taken a back burner the last few months, but I am so excited to be back into it again!!

My crafting space has changed, having moved to a new home since I last wrote on this blog, but I am eager to make use of my crafting table and newly organized crafting closet! I just hung a clothesline up across my new backyard yesterday, so once again I will be able to enjoy the simpleness (and money-saving happiness) of drying my clothes in the spring and summer breezes. My new garden is dug out and ready for some new dirt and fresh vegetable plants. Cooking homemade bread and meals is on my agenda on my days off once again now that my schedule has a routine to it. And now besides running in prep for 5K’s, I am training for Spartan and other OCR’s!! Not to mention the renewed enjoyment of upcoming walks and bike rides with my kids along the now even closer “rail trail” and weekly walks to the library down the road.

It’s the simple things that I enjoy and that make me smile 🙂

So as I bring this little blurb to a close, be assured that you will once again find me curled up with some yarn and a crochet hook, a cup of French vanilla flavored coffee, and a good show on Netflix, after a long day of work, seeing my son perform in a concert at school, and teaching dance. Some things in my life have changed, some have not, and I look forward to what has yet to come!!